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Printable star patterns are patterns of stars that can be printed from the Internet. The patterns can be used for sewing or crafts. Some star patterns can also be printed out to color or use as a stencil.


Make printable heart patterns by drawing the images in a graphic design program such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or GIMP and printing the image or by using shape tools in a word processing program. Alternately, scan an existing heart pattern to modify it, and ...


A printable foot pattern can be one of two things: a printable pattern of a foot for fun activities, or a printable foot measure to determine shoe size for children. The most-common foot pattern is used by teachers as a teaching, training or activity tool.


To design a printable to-do list, create a word processing document, and use a checkbox bullet list to include a title, a short description and a choice of item priority. A word processing document, such as Microsoft Word, allows the to-do list template to be created, s...


FirstPalette.com, FaveCrafts.com and AllCrafts.com are websites that offer flower patterns online. AllCrafts.com provides more than 75 patterns for flowers made from paper. Patterns and tutorials include a coffee filter flower, origami tulips and tissue paper daffodils.


There are several websites that offer free online printable sewing patterns, including Fabric.com and Lekala Sewing Patterns. Fabric.com allows you to search by specially named categories, brand and designer, and fabric color. Lekala Sewing Patterns allows you to sort b...


As of October 2015, printable rainbow patterns are on websites for What Mommy Does, First Palette and BigActivities. What Mommy Does offers three sizes of rainbow and clouds templates. The largest prints one on a single sheet, while the others present multiple images on...