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Guinea Pig food list - food they can eat and food they should not. We provide an detailed list of food your Guinea Pigs really like and also a blacklist which food should not be provided to build up a proper diet.


→ Jump to the Guinea Pig Safe Food List. First, let’s take a look at the basics of a guinea pig diet or jump to What The Happy Cavy Herd Eats for a general guide on the daily dietary requirements of guinea pigs. A guinea pig’s diet should consist of the following: #1. Water


The keys to a good diet for your guinea pigs are to use a wide range of vegetables and a bit of fruit. Keep fruits and vegetables low in calcium, low in oxalic acids and to aim for a good balance of Calcium:Phosphorus (Ca:P) between 1.5:1 and 2:1 There is a great Ca:P ratio calculator on the nutrition page at www.guinealynx.info .


Guinea Pig Food List Baby Guinea Pigs Guinea Pig Care Baby Pigs Pet Pigs Caring For Guinea Pigs Guinea Pig Hutch Pig Feed Class Pet Pets Care - Easy to use guinea pig feeding chart from Wee Companions Small Animal Adoption, San Diego The way cats and dogs eat is related to their animal behavior and their different domestication process.


guinea pig food list printable - Bing Images. Read it. Guinea Pig Food List. Make certain that your gorgeous guinea pigs have got the best things in life. A large guinea pig cage, or run, not only helps make them more pleasurable to view, but guarantees they get the exercise that they need to stay healthy. ... Guinea Pig Diet – Guinea Pig ...


Lists of foods that are safe for your guinea pig to eat, as well as poisonous plants to avoid. Links to food charts include nutrition info for various vegetables and fruits. Cali Cavy Collective: a blog about all things guinea pig: Guinea Pig Nutrition Charts and Unsafe Foods List


List of vegetables and fruits Here is list of fresh foods that are suitable for guinea pigs and are very popular with my little group. Remember every guinea pig is different, some guinea pigs may like certain foods like carrots or kale, but may turn their noses up at other foods like baby tomatoes or celery. Like us humans, they all have likes ...


What do you feed your Guinea Pig? A thorough guide and complete food list for a proper Guinea Pig diet. Guinea Pig Interview. admin fun_video October 21, 2016. 8 Guinea Pig Facts That May Surprise You. admin Guinea Pig Care Articles October 23, 2016. Texel Guinea Pig – Features, Origins & Care.


Food • Guinea pig pellets are the basis of your pet’s diet. An average guinea pig will eat about 1/8 cup daily. Timothy hay-based pellets are recom-mended for adults, and avoid those made with nuts, seeds, dried fruits and corn products. • Grass hay and fresh, clean water should be available to your pet at ALL times.


It’s ideal to give your guinea pig 30 minutes to an hour of floor time each day, and even longer if they live in smaller cage. Because guinea pigs like routine, it’s important to schedule your guinea pig’s floortime around the same time each day.