To practice for the GED test, learn about your state's test requirements, purchase a study guide and write down important subjects, questions and facts as you study it. Taking an online GED class can also be an excellent... More » Education Standardized Tests

GED practice tests are accessible online at, and The GED Study Guide site offers 25 sample questions in the four subject areas of math, language arts, science and s... More » Education Standardized Tests

Free GED practice tests and practice questions are available on study websites such as and The official website of the GED test,, also offers free practice tests in all... More » Education Standardized Tests

A good GED test score indicating college readiness is 170 points for each of the four main content areas. A passing score for GED testing is achieved when at least 150 points are earned in each test content area. More »

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Some tips for practicing for the math portion of the CAHSEE include using a study guide to reinforce specific concepts that appear on the test, sectioning out specific time to study for the test and taking practice tests... More » Education Standardized Tests

The American Council on Education offers the General Educational Development, or GED, across the United States for people who do not have a high school diploma. The GED test is available by making an appointment using th... More »