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Coloring.ws, MomJunction.com and PrintFree.com are websites that offer free, printable pictures of cars for the purpose of coloring. All three of these websites offer a search box where terms relating to cars can be typed and pages of different kinds of vehicles will be displayed. Clicking on a spec


In terms of the largest national chain car washes in the United States, the website for Mister Car Wash contains two printable coupons for car washes, as of 2015. Other national chains that have several locations that tout email offers, smartphone apps, coupon codes or social media offers instead of


Having a printable copy of your car's bill of sale is necessary to protect you from certain legal issues. If you are a seller, the bill of sale proves that you sold the car to a certain buyer and are no longer responsible for it. For the buyer, it provides a record of the transaction and information


Some auto parts shops that offer printable car battery coupons as of 2015 include AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts. The coupon codes offer discounts of up to 30 percent off the cost of a car battery, states DealsPlus.


A car title is a paper document that contains vehicle and owner information and provides proof that the named person on the title owns the listed vehicle. A vehicle owner must have possession of the title before selling or transferring ownership of car.


Although the title is a key piece of legal documentation in the sale of a vehicle, it is possible to legally purchase a car without a title. However, anyone planning on buying a car without a title needs to conduct due diligence to ensure that the vehicle is not stolen and to acquire a replacement t


In order to get a car title online, pay for a company such as Broadway Title to provide one. The only other option is to complete the proper paperwork required by the state the vehicle resides in and pay for a new title. The title services covered by local departments of motor vehicles vary by state


A car title lists a car’s vehicle identification number, or VIN, the mileage and the last date of sale. It should also include the current owner’s name and address, the make, year and model of the vehicle and the first date the car was sold. If a vehicle was in an accident that an insurance company


To check car titles for free, obtain the vehicle identification number or VIN of the vehicle and access the website of the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Enter the VIN number in the appropriate field on this site, enter a verification code and click on "Search" to conduct the title check.


A clean car title is one that is free of levies and liens from creditors and other parties. Cars with clean titles leave no room for doubt as to who is the legal owner, and no one else can make a legal claim of ownership on the car.