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Electronic Titles. E-Titles are usually issued to vehicles purchased at a dealership. The owner can request a paper copy of the title at any time for a $10 fee. If the owner maintains their title in electronic form and needs to sell the vehicle, they will need to request a paper copy to transfer the title from the Tax Collector’s office.


using a Florida motor vehicle dealer, leave the title as electronic – and the Florida dealer can handle the paperwork for you. Before an e-title can be printed, the lien must be satisfied electronically by the lienholder. You can order the paper title via the Department’s website .


The Florida ETR program is certified by the State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). Florida licensed dealers use this site to print temp tags and temporary registrations, process metal plate transfers, and calculate Florida Title & Registration fees. The 3-step process of printing a temp tag takes just a moment.


Electronic titles or e-titles are motor vehicle, mobile home or vessel titles held in an electronic form by the Department. E-titles prove ownership of a motor vehicle, mobile home or vessel the same way a paper title does.


Provide the HSMV 82040, title payment fees, and death certificate, will, trust, or court order. Gifted/Donated Vehicles. Complete the same title transfer process with a bill of sale/HSMV 83330 form. Florida Title Transfer Fees and Taxes. Title transfers and its associated fees and taxes are expected. Electronic Titles


Some states offer and/or require lenders to participate in electronic title programs, called ELT (Electronic Lien and Title) or e-title programs. If you reside in a state that is electronic, it is possible that no paper title for your vehicle has been created. Instead, the title is held at the motor vehicle office as an electonic record and ...


Florida Vehicle Titles. To transfer a Florida title, the seller must complete the transfer information on the current title, including the purchaser’s name, the selling price, and the odometer reading at the time of sale. (A bill of sale may be submitted for proof of purchase price.) Sales tax will be collected if applicable**. All transfers ...


Removing a Lien from a Florida Title. As of 2013, Florida's vehicle title system is completely electronic based. Once you've completed your car payments, your lienholder will electronically notify the Florida DMV that the lien on your title has been released. The title will remain electronic unless you request a paper copy from your local DHSMV office. ...


The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) is a system that allows the titling agency to instantly and reliably verify the information on the paper title with the electronic data from the state that issued the title.


Seller Protection: Florida DMV Title Transfer. When you sell a car, truck, boat or other vehicle in Florida, it is important that the title of the vehicle is properly transferred. The buyer of the vehicle is responsible for initiating the transfer of the title but as a seller you need to protect yourself.