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Primase. Primase is an enzyme that creates a primer on a DNA strand by adding RNA nucleotides to the strand according to the DNA template sequence. This process occurs during DNA replication.If ...


RNA Primase and the RNA Primer Wouldn't it be nice if we had another helper to solve this problem? Well, fortunately, we do, and it's yet another enzyme.It's called RNA primase.The job of RNA primase is to make, or synthesize, a primer for replication to start.


There is a wide list of phytochemicals which act as inhibitors and a few of them are glycosylated flavones suppressing topoisomerase IV activity (Bernard et al., 1997), myricetin inhibiting DnaB helicase (Griep et al., 2007), allicin inhibiting RNA synthesis (Feldberg et al., 1988) and compounds from the plant Polygonum cuspidatum inhibiting bacterial DNA primase (Hegde et al., 2004).


DNA primase is an enzyme involved in the replication of DNA and is a type of RNA polymerase. Primase catalyzes the synthesis of a short RNA (or DNA in some organisms) segment called a primer complementary to a ssDNA (single-stranded DNA) template.


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Primase,biological,biology dictionary,biology terminology,biology terms,biology abbreviations ... of two proteins, a primase and a helicase, that initiates ... Full article >>> We additionally show that the HSV primase catalytic activity is not required for ...


Medical definition of helicase: any of various enzymes that catalyze the unwinding and separation of double-stranded DNA or RNA during its replication. any of various enzymes that catalyze the unwinding and separation of double-stranded DNA or RNA during its replication… See the full definition. SINCE 1828.


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