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Education in Nigeria is overseen by the Ministry of Education. Local authorities take responsibility for implementing state-controlled policy regarding public education and state schools.The education system is divided into Kindergarten, Primary education, Secondary education and Tertiary education.Nigeria's central government has been dominated by instability since declaring independence from...


Consumer Education, Disaster Risk Reduction Education and Peace and Conflict Resolution curricula are infused into the Civic Education, Social Studies and Security Education Themes. Create enabling environment for the subject in all schools ; Cultural & Creative Arts (CCA) Important for preservation of our cultural Heritage and fostering ...


The New Basic Education Curriculum in Nigeria [Power Point Presentation]


I have been looking online but couldn't find it Does anybody know where I can find the curriculum for primary schools in nigeria ? many thanks www.nerdc.org.ng has the Nigerian Curriculum, from Basic to Secondary. It costs N12,500 though.


But in the year 1986, the Federal Government abolished the payment of school fees in primary schools. In the year 1976, the management of primary education in Nigeria was fully taken over by the federal government while the funding and administration were guven charge by the state and local government to handle.


Yet, in Nigeria today, the number of public primary schools and teachers available for basic education are both woefully inadequate. This is exacerbated by the poor facilities at many primary schools.


The Universal Basic Education (UBE) Programme was introduced in Nigeria in September, 1988. Following this, in 2008 the Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) developed and introduced the 9-Year Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) in schools by realigning all extant Primary and Junior Secondary School Curricula to meet the key ...


This curriculum was intended to prepare school children in vocational education and entrepreneurship to enable them survive on their own after leaving school. Below is the breakdown of subjects in the Junior Secondary Curriculum JSS 1-3, (Upper Level BEC). Read Also: Education System in Nigeria; Primary, Secondary and Tertiary


Nigeria revises basic education curriculum ... students currently take a maximum of 11 in primary school and a maximum of 15 in junior secondary school, JSS. ... said that the school curriculum ...


The final examination in the primary school level is the Primary School leaving certificate, and if one passes this exam, the individual can now proceed to the secondary school level. The federal government, through the Universal Basic Education Commision does its best to make primary education free and compulsory for every child.