The repair of a leaking Price Pfister faucet begins by shutting off the main water line. Insert a drain stopper to prevent smaller parts from falling off. Remove the faucet handle, and loosen the collar near the faucet b... More »

Old Price Pfister faucet parts or "will fit" parts that may or may not be made by the original manufacturer but will function and fit as intended are readily available from the manufacturer's website,,... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

Pfister’s website offers detailed repair information for its bathroom faucets. A troubleshooting guide offers quick repair instructions, and the customer service pages provide more resources to help with installation and... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Plumbing

Repair a leaking faucet by turning off the water and removing the handle and packing nut and stem. Remove the retaining screw on the bottom of the stem and the washer. Replace the washer with a new exact match, and rever... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Plumbing

To repair a leaking toilet, disconnect the water supply line, replace the fill valve and fill gasket, clean the tank bolts and nuts, and replace the gaskets with new ones if needed. If the tank still leaks, remove the ta... More »

To remove the handle on a Price Pfister faucet, you need a flat bladed screwdriver, a hex wrench and a towel. Turn off the water supply, close the stopper in the drain, find if the screw is located in the body of the fau... More »

To replace a Pfister cartridge, start by turning off the water supply and opening the faucet to drain out any remaining water. Remove the handle, valve adapter and cartridge. Slot in the new cartridge, and tighten it wit... More »