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How Much things cost in 1974 Yearly Inflation Rate USA 11.3% Yearly Inflation Rate UK 17.2% Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average 616 Average Cost of new house $34,900.00 Average Income per year $13,900.00 Average Monthly Rent $185.00 Cost of a gallon of Gas 0.42 Buick Station Wagon$4,371 A Dozen Eggs 45 cents Below are some Prices for UK guides in Pounds Sterling


What Did Things Cost in 1974 ? Based on the inflation rate calculator recommended by Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), one dollar in 1974 had approximately five times the spending power of a dollar in 2014. Inflation is the steady increase in the price of consumer goods over time. As prices rise, the spending power of a unit of currency decreases.


Take our quiz and try and work out what prices were like in 1974. Related Articles . 1974 vs 2014: how prices have changed. 13 Oct 2014; Beer bubble: how price of a pint has risen twenty-fold.


What Interesting Things Happened in 1974? In 1974, the Sears Tower in Chicago was completed, Bill Clinton lost his bid for a congressional seat, Dr. Seuss published "There's a Wocket in My Pocket" and Turkish Airlines Flight 981 crashed due to a mechanical failure.


Volvo 200 is First Produced. The Volvo 200 series was a range of luxury mid-size cars produced by Volvo from 1974 to 1993, with more than 2.8 million sold worldwide.


Compared to current prices of things in 2013, the prices of things in 1977 were much lower. The price of flour in 1977 was about 35 cents for a 5 pound bag. Today it costs around $2 for a 5 pound bag.


How much did a 1974 corvette cost in 1974? base $6,000 Read More. share: Why does a gallon of milk cost more than a gallon of gasoline? Not ALL gallons of milk cost more. But it may be just ...


This is a list of prices as they increased over the years. These are the average price paid, not specific to any brand or region of the country. We have other pages on this subject for the 80s and 90s.


Inflation is never-ending. It's also deceptive. Looking back at the weekly grocery store ads and catalogs of the past, everything seems so cheap! Really, it was about the same. But it is still a marvel to see everyday items costing a mere handful of change. So we're rewinding the economic clock to ...


During World War II the Office of Price Administration (1942-1945) set the prices of various consumer goods to stabilize the economy in the United States. War ration books were required to purchase some items. Teacher tips. Finding local historic prices is a great project, as long as you can be flexible with the items.