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Average Cremation and Burial Prices in the United States. Data from the Cremation Research Council notes that the average cremation costs about $1,100 as of 2017, but that doesn’t include costs for memorial services, urns or other optional items. The total cost of cremation can range up to several thousands of dollars depending on those choices.


The average price for a standalone cremation nation-wide is $2,057, but our data shows a full memorial service costs, on average, $3,650. These bundled services add additional products like the cremation casket, which typically go for around a thousand dollars, or just removing and transferring the remains (typically a few hundred), not to ...


According to funeral comparison website Parting.com, the reason why the average cremation costs around $2,000, and can range anywhere from $500 to a whopping $10,000, is that the Federal Trade Commission doesn’t require funeral homes to make their rates easily accessible to the general public. This, coupled with a person’s uneasiness with ...


We have included below a sample of cremation prices in Reading to give you some idea of how cremation costs compare. All prices were accurate from funeral home GPL at time of publishing (August 2017). However, prices can and do change, so please check directly with a funeral service provider to verify current price.


Low cost cremation in Tucson. Low cost cremation is available in Tucson for between $455 and $995. Cremation prices do vary considerably between providers, so it is important to check around and ensure that the cremation price quoted for a low cost cremation equitably compares. Check exactly what is included.


A direct cremation, in which the deceased is delivered directly to the crematory and then the ashes are given back to the family, is the least expensive possible option for cremation. These cremations can run as low as $795, but cost will vary dramatically based on the cremation provider in question.


This free Cremated Remains Kit contains one Priority Mail Express Box and a roll of Priority Mail Express tape. Guidelines for packing, addressing, and shipping Cremated Remains can be found in the Publication 139, How to Package and Ship Cremated Remains and on USPS.com. Since Priority Mail Express is the only way for customers to ship Cremated Remains, the Postal Service has created a ...


A cremation with a funeral service beforehand will still cost in the region of $2,000 – $5,000. A cremation with a memorial service afterward with the cremation urn will cost less, and a direct cremation with no ceremony or services is the most inexpensive cremation option. Understanding cremation options as a low-cost alternative


1. How Much Do Low-Cost Cremation Services Cost? When it comes to a traditional funeral service, the added-on affairs such as viewings, visitations and wakes can drive costs up to anywhere from $6,000 to $26,000, according to U.S. Funerals Online.. In contrast, cremation — disposing of a person’s remains by burning them into ashes —is a relatively affordable option.


Although cremation prices can vary dramatically around the country, the following estimates may help you in your decision about which option is right for you and your family. Cremation with body donation to science. $0. With body donation to science, cremation is an intrinsic part of the process. Through Science Care, this option is offered at ...