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Acupressure.com provides free pressure point charts. The diagrams and charts show the elemental relationships between the specific meridians (body parts) and offer helpful keys to explain the diagrams and their color codes.


The most complete pressure point charts are on AcupunctureProducts. The site divides the pressure points by the organs each is associated with. Martial artists use a different pressure point chart that focus on only the 45 or so points that affect combat.


Healing Therapist is an online site that provides a chart of acupressure points. Healing Therapist also offers tips on self-treatment using these points to stimulate the body's natural healing abilities.


Charts showing the pressure points of the feet are available on MindBodyGreen.com and GuruOfReflexology.com. These charts show common reflexology points on the soles of the feet and list the parts of the body to which they link.


A high blood-pressure chart is found on the American Heart Association's website titled, "Understanding Blood Pressure Readings," according to the AHA. The chart is located under the Conditions tab.


Blood pressure charts show blood pressure levels and can be used by adults of any age, as these levels do not change with age, according to Blood Pressure UK. Blood pressure should be checked at least every two years, states WebMD.


Many health organization websites display charts that detail blood pressure readings, including MayoClinic.org, Heart.org and MedicineNet.com. Color-coded charts categorize low, normal and hypertension levels of a systolic and diastolic reading. The top number represents the systolic reading, while


To make a blood pressure chart, record the ratio of the systolic number to the diastolic number (the former on top and the latter on the bottom) and identify if this number falls in the normal, prehypertension, hypertension stage 1, hypertension stage 2 or hypertensive crisis category. The systolic


While blood pressure charts all tend to show the same information, specific charts are available to note acceptable and dangerous blood pressure ranges by age and by gender, as Disabled World displays. Children's blood pressure charts can be broken down further into age categories.


A blood pressure record chart is used by patients and doctors to monitor blood pressure, especially in people who suffer from hypertension or diabetes, says Mayo Clinic. The information is used by the doctor to analyze and predict the patient’s health.