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The "Revolutionary War," also called the "American War for Independence," was fought from 1775 through 1783. George Washington was president. Spurred on by the Boston Tea Party in 1773, 13 North American colonies fought Great Britain in an effort to escape from British rule and to become a country unto themselves.


US Presidents in Chronological Order and Their Wars a table compiled in an evening of looking things up intermittently elaborated and updated thereafter


During the continuance of a war in which the United States is engaged, the President is authorized, if he finds it necessary for the national defense and security, to direct that such communications as in his judgment may be essential to the national defense and security shall have preference or priority with any carrier subject to this chapter. He may give these directions at and for such ...


Who Was the U.S. President During the Vietnam War? There were five United States presidents who held office during the Vietnam War. These five presidents were Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.


SEATO essentially put Vietnam under its protection, which later became one of the major justifications for the U.S. intervention in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. In February 1955, President Eisenhower sent the first American military advisors to Vietnam to help build up Diem’s army.


President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the president during World War 2 until he died near the end of the war. President Harry S. Truman was president through the end of the war and during the ...


Woodrow Wilson was the president during World War I Twenty-eighth U.S. President Thomas Woodrow Wilson [December 28, 1856-February 3, 1924] held office for two terms, March 4, 1913-March 4, 1921.


During a "declared" war, can the president stay in office beyond his term and not relinquish his position. The need for steady leadership during World War II (1939-1945) made it possible for Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt to break the tradition by winning four successive elections between 1932 and 1944.


Although a lot of people seem to like to imagine nightmare scenarios in which the U.S. president declares a "national emergency" and suspends the next election, allowing him to stay in office indefinitely, and although this does happen far too oft...


USA in Vietnam war: 5 presidents 1. USA in Vietnam There were 5 U.S. Presidents during its involvement in the Vietnam War. ... • During his years in office, he escalated the war into Laos and Cambodia in an attempt to destroy Communist food, weapons and manpower supply through the Ho Chi Minh Trail to South Vietnam. • Nixon ordered the ...