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Debate is important because it helps people develop skills that enable them to be more engaged citizens, discuss current political and global issues, understand opposing views, cooperate with others, make informed decisions and think critically. These skills are helpful not only in peoples' academic


As of 2015, the next presidential election in the United States will be on November 8, 2016. Elections for this office are held in the month of November every 4 years, which is the length of one term in office.


Some presidential firsts include Lyndon B. Johnson being the first president to elect an African-American to his cabinet. Millard Fillmore and his wife, Abigail, created the first library in the White House and also installed the White House's first bathtub and stove. In transportation history, Andr


The U.S. Mint oversees money production and maintains a list of presidential dollars and the year they are released on the agency's website. As of 2015, the Mint does not publicize the exact dates of release each year but does indicate they are released in order in which presidents served.


The U.S. presidential line of succession is the set order of officials who act as the President of the United States if the president dies, becomes incapacitated, resigns or is removed from office by impeachment. The Presidential Succession Act of 1947 was signed into law by Harry Truman in 1947.


A presidential system of government is a government in which a president leads an executive branch that is separate from the legislative branch. The United States is a good example of a presidential system of government.


There is no way to know who may win the 2016 presidential election. As of October 2014, the official list of who is running to become president is not even known.


As of July 2015, two presidential libraries are located in California, three in Texas and one each in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, Georgia and Michigan. President Franklin Roosevelt was the first president to have a library established to preserve his papers a


In the United States, a president is elected to a term of office lasting four years. The Constitution did not originally limit the number of terms a president could serve. With the passage and ratification of the 22nd Amendment, a president is prohibited from serving more than 10 years.


The 1960 presidential race between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon was the closest presidential election in U.S. history in terms of the popular vote and the electoral college votes. Kennedy won the race by 0.1 percent, a victory that was not announced until noon the next day.