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Days of supply is a term used to quantify the number of days a given quantity will last under certain conditions. It can be applied to manufacturers (calculates the time between acquisition of materials and sale of finished products) and retailers (how long inventory will last without replenishing u


When calculating the cost of child care, there are a number of variables to consider. These variables include location, type of child care wanted, the child's age, and the amount of hours needed per week.


Patient days attempts to convey information concerned with how many patients have been treated by a facility or plan. There are at least six different calculations according to an article in Nursing Management; the preferred method is actual hours for inpatients and short stays.


Average daily sales are calculated by dividing the annual sales by the number of days in the sales period. This formula allows a business to calculate its sales per day using information from annual, quarterly or semi-annual sales.


The average daily rate for hotels as of 2014 was $137, approximately 5 percent higher than the average in 2013. The rate is based on the Hotel Price Index survey by Hotels.com.


The value of first day covers can vary widely depending on demand. A first day cover without a cachet or complimentary art piece may be considered worthless to collectors. Unparalleled pieces sell for much more. In 1996, a unique issue in the United States sold for about $120,000.


Although one-day tickets to Disneyland are rarely discounted, some visitors can purchase reduced-price tickets. These tickets are only available for advance purchase and not directly from Disneyland, either online or over the phone. For example, discounted tickets may be available through a universi


On Wednesdays, Kohl's offers a 15-percent in-store discount for shoppers 55 or older, as of May 2015. Shoppers should have identification cards ready to show their age. This discount is not good with any other percent-off discounts or with certain products, such as gift cards.


Mesopotamia refers to the area of land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. There is not one present-day country which Mesopotamia comprises. Mesopotamia is the present-day area of parts of Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Turkey and Iran.


The modern day Republican party is descended from anti-slavery leaders from the Whig, Free-Soil and Democratic parties. They formed the Republican Party in response to the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1856, which allowed settlers to determine whether or not a state would establish slavery.