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Prescription Medications and Dry Mouth Over half of all adults are currently taking prescription medication and one in five takes four or more prescription medications per day 1 . Dry mouth or xerostomia is a condition that occurs when the salivary glands of a person do not function normally, resulting in inadequate secretion of saliva in the ...


A: Over 1100 medications, either prescription or over the counter, have the potential to cause dry mouth (Table below). It has been reported that taking more than one medication with dry mouth as a side effect increases one’s probability of experiencing dry mouth and / or its severity.


"3M Xerostomia Relief Spray is intended to provide rapid, convenient, and effective relief of xerostomia (dry mouth) symptoms for up to 4 hours. This prescription-only spray utilizes a lipid-based oxygenated glycerol triester (OGT) technology to moisten and lubricate the mucosa of the mouth, tongue, and throat.


Minimize the use of medications that can cause a dry mouth. Many of these are prescription medications (such as anti-depressants, muscle relaxants, and anti-spasmodics for overactive bladders and bowel cramps). Talk with your physician as to whether these types of medications can be discontinued. Some over-the-counter medications can also cause ...


Lesson Summary. In addition to adding a new word to your vocabulary, you also have learned all about xerostomia, or dry mouth. The most common cause is a side effect of some medication, so if ...


Recognizing Dry Mouth symptoms is important. Dry Mouth can feel uncomfortable and sometimes be bothersome, but more importantly, it can impact your oral health. If left untreated, Dry Mouth may result in a greater risk of bad breath, cavities, and mouth infections.* Recognizing the symptoms of Dry Mouth is the first step


However, if you’re suffering from dry mouth, it may be worth the investment. Xerostomia is the medical term for chronic dry mouth. It is not a disease, rather it is a side effect most commonly caused by prescription drugs. If you believe prescription drugs are the cause of your dry mouth, talk to a doctor about possible natural alternatives.


Dry mouth caused by medication can be temporary or chronic depending on usage patterns of the drug. Once the medication is stopped, the dry mouth should go away as well. For those who take medications long term, there are several ways to find help for dry mouth caused by medication.


Cancer patients often get dry mouth (xerostomia in medical terms) after radiation to the head and neck, or when taking certain medicines. Whatever the cause, the parched sensation is not only distracting and painful but can set the stage for infections, cavities, and tooth decay.


Dry mouth medication are a common reason patients present with dry mouth. Dry mouth is a term we use to describe when our mouth dries out due to a decrease in the amount of saliva you produce. Saliva is our bodies natural defense to help wash away all the bacteria that live in our mouth.