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As of 2015, to get T-Mobile's $30 prepaid plan, you must first purchase a compatible device from T-Mobile's official website or an authorized retailer and then activate it. Activation includes programming your new phone by entering its serial numbers and then setting up your account with your person


T-Mobile offers a variety of prepaid phones and service plans. The phone must be purchased up front and the service plan is active for a specified number of days. There are plans available with unlimited use and others that provide restrictions on call minutes and texts.


T-Mobile prepaid plans offer unlimited talk and text and several choices of data plans. Plans start as low as $40 per month, with no contract, as of 2015.


Prepaid phone owners may activate their new devices on the T-Mobile website or by calling 844-730-5912. Charge the battery fully, and insert the SIM card into the phone before activating it.


Depending on the type of phone you have, you can top it up online with a credit card or by paying a third party to load a designated amount of money and corresponding minutes for you onto your phone. You also can enter the PIN from a prepaid phone card.


T-Mobile prepaid cards or, refill cards as they are more commonly known, let customers pay for minutes and data for T-Mobile prepaid phone. In the United States, T-Mobile refill cards can be purchased in denominations of $10, $30, $50 and $100.


Some advantages of prepaid phone plans include flexibility and freedom from long-term contracts. Customers who subscribe to prepaid phone plans also don't pay monthly bills, roaming charges or overage fees.


U.S. Cellular offers prepaid unlimited talk, text and data plans with no contract. With these plans, the consumer has the choice of the amount of high-speed data he wishes to purchase. As of 2015, plans range from $40 to $65 per month with up to 4 gigabits of unthrottled data.


There are a variety of ways to compare mobile phone plans online. To get the best cell phone plan, it is important for the owner of the cell phone plan to know current monthly usage as far as data, text messages and minutes used for calling.


AT&T prepaid phone cards are used to refill AT&T GoPhone wireless, home and hotspot device accounts with minutes and data. AT&T has refill cards available in values between $20 and $60 on its website. Refill cards can also be purchased at retailers nationwide.