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Remedies for throwing up include gradually drinking clear liquids and avoiding solid foods during the duration of the vomiting episode, states WebMD. Women experiencing nausea due to morning sickness may eat a few crackers after waking up and a high-protein snack prior to going to sleep. Doctors may


Immediately after vomiting, it is best to wait until the stomach settles a bit before eating. Health.com explains that when a person has an upset stomach, one of the most commonly recommended combinations of foods is bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. This is referred to as the BRAT diet.


Gastric erosion, peptic ulcers and stomach cancer can cause someone to vomit blood, according to WebMD, Mayo Clinic and the American Cancer Society. All three conditions also cause pain and digestive problems.


In most cases, vomiting stops on its own. However, some possible remedies include eating light foods, drinking clear liquids and taking medications prescribed by a doctor. Throwing up or vomiting is an involuntary or voluntary emptying of the stomach contents through the mouth, states WebMD.


A dog might vomit for a variety of reasons, ranging from eating too quickly, to more serious injuries or illness, according to WebMD. Sudden episodes may be due to a food intolerance, while chronic episodes may stem from an obstruction in the gastrointestinal tract. If the dog only vomits once, then


To induce a dog to vomit, use a syringe to orally give your dog 1 teaspoon of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide for every 10 pounds of body weight. Following the dosage, walk your dog to get her moving and help the peroxide move through her system.


Some causes of a dog throwing up include poisoning, parasites such as giardia, intolerance of certain foods, heatstroke, bloating, or dislocation of the dog's stomach, according to PetMD. A dog who ingests a poison, such as any part of a castor bean plant, not only vomits but suffers kidney failure


Throwing a playing card involves a sharp snap of the wrist with a specialized grip to maximize spin. There are at least four grips that are effective for throwing cards: the Herrmann, Thurston, Rick Jay and Josh Hodge methods.


Causes of vomiting blood include gastritis, cirrhosis, stomach cancer, a stomach ulcer and esophageal cancer, according to Healthline. Throwing up blood can also be due to minor causes, such as swallowing the blood from a nosebleed or mouth injury.


While cats often vomit for minor and benign reasons such as eating too quickly or playing too much after a meal, WebMD states that frequent and reoccurring vomiting can indicate colitis, intestinal obstructions, kidney failure and other illnesses. According to Healthy Pets, some cats also chronicall