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However, sometimes leg swelling can indicate a complication of pregnancy or be caused by an unrelated problem. This guide is not intended to replace a face-to-face meeting with a health care professional about your symptoms. Many causes of leg and foot swelling require an in-person examination and testing to diagnose.


Every woman experiences swelling in pregnancy differently, but it can be severe and uncomfortable for some. Swelling in your feet, legs, and ankles can be particularly painful and tricky to deal with, says G. Thomas Ruiz, MD, lead ob-gyn at MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center in Fountain Valley, California. “Swelling can be so bad, women ...


During pregnancy, your body produces roughly 50 percent more blood and fluid to meet baby’s needs, often causing swelling in the feet, ankles and legs. The weight of the growing baby and uterus also puts pressure on the veins that pass through the pelvis carrying blood back to the heart, impeding circulation and contributing to the swelling.


Welcome to pregnancy leg and ankle swelling, where cute shoes are ditched and cankles abound. Caused by increased fluid and blood flow, pregnancy ankle, feet and leg swelling is very common, with many mums-to-be ending the day legs up and resting hoping they’ll see their ankles again before bedtime.


Legs Swelling after Pregnancy Pregnancy is an unusual, strange, beautiful and glorious period in a woman’s life. ...; Spider Veins During Pregnancy Spider veins can be described as a condition that is characterized by a cluster of veins ...; Dizziness In Third Trimester Dizziness during pregnancy is often due to various reasons. Low blood pressure and changes...


High blood pressure leads to swelling feet and legs during pregnancy. To minimize swelling, skip foods that can cause fluid retention (like processed, salty foods) and instead opt for fresh, healthy options rich in vitamins and minerals. For Mamas, excess fluid build-up and swollen legs after birth is also common.


Swollen feet during pregnancy, or edema, is due to your body hanging onto excess fluids, especially in the hands and feet. Though it can happen to anyone at any time for various reasons, edema is particularly common in pregnant women. What causes swollen feet while pregnant? Edema is a normal reaction to the inflammation caused by pregnancy.


Swelling in pregnancy, also called edema, is incredibly common, and usually not a cause for worry. What causes swelling in pregnancy? Your body is hard at work making more blood and fluid to help support the growth of your baby, your placenta and an increased fat store (and all the other changes your body is going through).


It can be hard to detect, as symptoms of heart failure often mimic the symptoms of third trimester pregnancy, including swelling in the legs and feet. 13 Blood Clots. As I mentioned before, blood clots don't only occur in the legs of pregnant women. They can also form in the placenta, putting your baby in grave danger.


Pre-eclampsia leads to the swelling of legs, hands, face, and sometimes the entire body. It could be a potential cause for numbness, and if combined with headache, visual changes, breathing difficulty, nausea, or vomiting, it needs medical attention (12) .