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In mammalian brain anatomy, the prefrontal cortex (PFC) is the cerebral cortex which covers the front part of the frontal lobe.The PFC contains the Brodmann areas BA8, BA9, BA10, BA11, BA12, BA13, BA14, BA24, BA25, BA32, BA44, BA45, BA46, and BA47.. Many authors have indicated an integral link between a person's will to live, personality, and the functions of the prefrontal cortex.


The complex functions of the prefrontal cortex would be impossible without this large amount of gray matter. This part of the brain gives human beings much of their intelligence and problem solving ability. The prefrontal cortex has the ability to process both the current environment and past memories.


The prefrontal cortex is an important part of the brain that is responsible for many of our cognitive abilities. The prefrontal cortex is required for our analytical thinking (problem solving), emotional control and intelligence, verbal communication, and memory forming abilities.


The prefrontal cortex makes up over 10% of the volume of the brain, and thus is likely involved in many functions. There is one category of cognition, however, that is frequently linked to the prefrontal cortex: executive functions. The term executive function is defined slightly differently depending on where you find the definition.


The prefrontal cortex of the human brain is affected by various pathological conditions, and for the apparent theoretical gains and clinical benefits, brain scientists and clinicians alike have for decades endeavored to understand the precise role of this region of the brain. Recent findings in ...


Prefrontal Cortex. Brief Definition. The prefrontal cortex (PFC) is the cerebral cortex covering the front part of the frontal lobe. This brain region has been implicated in planning complex cognitive behavior, personality expression, decision making, and moderating social behaviour.


In that developing prefrontal cortex, synapses are selected based on whether they're used or not, so behaviors that shape the brain are more likely to be maintained if started at this age. The brain is acting a bit like a sponge; it can soak up new information and change to make room for it, a concept known as plasticity.


The prefrontal cortex is a part of the brain located at the front of the frontal lobe. It is implicated in a variety of complex behaviors, including planning, and greatly contributes to ...


Each brain lobe has a specific function. Functions of the cerebral cortex lobes involve everything from interpreting and processing sensory information to decision-making and problem-solving capabilities. In addition to the parietal lobes, the lobes of the brain consist of the frontal lobes, temporal lobes, and occipital lobes.


The dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (dlPFC) is a region in the frontal lobes toward the top and side: hence dorso (top) and lateral (side). There's a very rich history of research about this brain region. However I do a lot of work in this area, so...