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A predicate offense is an action that provides the underlying resources for another criminal act, according to The Law Society. In the United States, a predicate offense most frequently applies to actions providing funds for money laundering and financing of terrorism, according to USLegal.


Predicate Offense. In criminal law, a predicate offense, also referred to as a “predicate act,” is a crime that provides the resources for, or contains some of the elements of, a more serious crime. A predicate offense is committed for the purpose of committing the greater crime. If someone is convicted of a serious crime – especially ...


Predicate Offences are crimes underlying money laundering or terrorist finance activity. Initially, predicate offences were categorized under drug-related offences. Drug-related offences are considered as the primary predicate offences. However, the legislature has broadened the definition of predicate offences to include any serious crime.


A predicate offence is a crime that is a component of a more serious criminal offence. For example, producing unlawful funds is the main offence and money laundering is the predicate offence. Generally, the term "predicate offence" is used in reference to underlying money laundering and/or terrorist finance activity.


Recent Examples on the Web: Noun. Here's the problem, Judge, the Logan Act was the predicate for going after Lieutenant General Mike Flynn when Sally Yates was the Deputy Attorney General. — Fox News, "Carter Page reacts to calls to declassify FISA documents," 15 Sep. 2018 Thus, there is no predicate of criminal behavior necessary to begin such a review.


A Predicate Act means: An earlier offense that can be used to enhance a sentence levied for a later conviction. A crime, which is composed of some of the elements of a more serious crime and which is committed for carrying out the greater crime.


What is PREDICATE?. In logic. That which is said concerning the subject in a logical prop- osition ; as, “The law is the perfection of common sense.” “Perfection of common sense,” being affirmed concerning the law, (the subject,) is the predicate or thing predicated.


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Predicate offence Definition from Business & Finance Dictionaries & Glossaries. Banking Dictionaries. UNODC Money-Laundering Terms. The criminal activity from which the proceeds of the crime are derived. Money laundering is a derivative crime. Its status as a crime depends on the genesis of the funds involved.


In general, a predicate completes a sentence by providing information about what the subject is or does. The subject of a sentence is who or what is doing the action. The predicate explains the action. There’s often a linking verb (like is or became) in between the two. A predicate nominative is a noun that completes the linking verb in a ...