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A predicate felony is used to describe a felony that was committed by a repeat offender. The term is often used during the court process. Certain restrictions are in place when the courts consider a predicate offense, including the time that has passed since the previous felony was committed and the severity of the crime.


Predicate Offense. In criminal law, a predicate offense, also referred to as a “predicate act,” is a crime that provides the resources for, or contains some of the elements of, a more serious crime. A predicate offense is committed for the purpose of committing the greater crime.


1. Definition of second felony offender. (a) A second felony offender is a person, other than a second violent felony offender as defined in section 70.04, who stands convicted of a felony defined in this chapter, other than a class A-I felony, after having previously been subjected to one or more predicate felony


That really depends upon the jurisdiction. In various US states, a “predicate” offense is one that must be proven to increase punishment. So a second DUI within a certain time frame is punished more harshly than a first DUI. The first DUI is a ‘pr...


Any NY criminal defense attorney experienced in New York criminal law should be able to explain to you that if you are a predicate felon in New York State and charged with a non-controlled substance offense, a second felony conviction will land you in state prison even if your offense is “merely” and “E” Felony.


The definition of predicate violent felony conviction is explained in Penal Law Section 70.04. It explains: . S 70.04 Sentence of imprisonment for second violent felony offender. 1. Definition of second violent felony offender. (a) A second violent felony offender is a person who stands convicted of a violent felony offense as defined in ...


A predicate offense is an action that provides the underlying resources for another criminal act, according to The Law Society. In the United States, a predicate offense most frequently applies to actions providing funds for money laundering and financing of terrorism, according to USLegal.


Predicate definition is - something that is affirmed or denied of the subject in a proposition in logic. How to use predicate in a sentence. Did You Know? ... of a settlement agreement associated with the $130,000 payment could compromise Cohen’s constitutional rights in the criminal case.


A bank account that topped the single P500,000 deposit does not obligate a bank to automatically report to the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) for investigation if there is no predicate crime such as graft and corruption, piracy or illegal drug trafficking, he added.


Predicate Felon is someone who has been previously convicted of a felony in NY state or the elements of another state match the elements of a NY felony thus qualifying as a predicate within the last ten years. By virtue of being a predicate felon, your son would have stricter sentencing guidelines.