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Praying in tongues involves uttering repetitive sounds, often resembling the speaker's native language, that is said to promote spiritual communication with God. Many Christians, especially Pentecostals, believe that praying in tongues is a sacred gift from God that cannot be consciously controlled


Christians have different opinions on what it means to pray in the spirit. Some people believe that it refers to a part of St. Paul's writings that say that the Holy Spirit prays on people's behalf when they don't know how to pray. Others believe it refers to glossolalia.


People pray for the purpose of communicating with a god and thus build a relationship with that god. People pray to a god for many reasons, such as to be thankful for family and friends or to ask a favor, such as good health. Prayer is prominent in many world religions.


Praying is simply communicating to God. You can speak, shout, sing, dance, laugh or cry in your discourse to God or be completely silent, according to About.com.


There is no definitive way to fast or pray; however, there are tips one can use to do so effectively. Fasting can be done by setting an objective, committing to the fast, getting prepared physically and mentally and reading scripture. Since pray means "to speak to God especially in order to do somet


Religious leaders approach how and when to pray for others somewhat differently, but they generally agree that prayers for others should include details. This type of prayer is called intercessory prayer, wherein a believer articulates thoughtfully-chosen words that request God to give something of


Pray to God anywhere and anytime, privately or communally, by talking to God with everyday words in your mind or out loud. For prayer to be most effective, you should feel a sincere desire to talk to God.


In order to pray effectively, one should have the faith and belief that God will answer the prayers, because He knows the desires of every heart. An effective prayer should incorporate praise and worship in order to approach the throne of grace with spirituality and to find mercy with God.


While the process of learning to pray varies across different belief systems, an essential element is to honestly express your faith. This expression may occur through an internal dialog with a deity or through the repetition of accepted verses that form a core part of a belief system.


Some tips for praying at night are to pick a place free from distractions, pray at the same time every night and pray out loud. Other tips are to keep a notebook and pen nearby, keep a list of prayer needs, and keep a prayer journal.