One good-luck prayer, posted by Prayers for Special Help, begins, "Lord, I want to thank you for all you have done for me and all that you will continue to help me do in my life." The prayer continues on to ask for guida... More »

Ladybugs, also known as ladybirds or lady beetles, are considered to be a sign of good luck in a number of cultures. In Sweden, a ladybug landing in a young girl's hand is a sign that she will marry soon. English farmers... More »

Some good luck messages are "Those who are determined find success, and you are one such person," and "May you find as much joy in your life as you have luck, my sweet friend." Another one is "I'm always rooting for you,... More »

A communion prayer for the lifting of the cup, posted by Prayers for Special Help, says, “... we are lifting high the cross of Christ and proclaiming your great love. We partake, with gratitude, all the gifts that are ou... More »

The Roman Catholic Liturgy of the Hours, the Five Daily Prayers of Islam and the Three Daily Prayers of Judaism are examples of daily prayers. Catholics can recite the Liturgy of the Hours in private, as can Muslims with... More » World View Religion

Some military prayers are "A Prayer, For Those in the Military" and "Prayers in a Time of War For Troops." Another military prayer that thanks God for the service of the military is "A Prayer for Veterans Day." More » Government & Politics Military

Prayers for a deceased mother, like most other prayers for the dead, ultimately amount to asking God to grant the soul of the deceased eternal rest in heaven. Other sentiments and reasons may factor in, such as thanking ... More » World View Religion