For power of attorney to be granted to an individual, documentation requires a signature from a notary public official or additional signatures from witnesses other than the people requesting power of attorney. Specific ... More »

Rescinding a power of attorney involves writing a notarized statement, notifying the person in writing who previously had that power, and filing the statement with the county clerk in any county containing affected prope... More » Government & Politics Law

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A durable power of attorney, created without cost, contains several crucial pieces of information, including your name, the name of the person to whom such power is conferred, any special requirements and your signature,... More » Government & Politics Law

Laws vary based on the state and the purpose of the signature, but, in most cases, notaries public can witness any signatures except their own. When a notary public is not available, witnesses generally must be at least ... More »

A power-of-attorney document includes the name of the individual designating the power, the details of the allowed power, such as financial or medical decisions, and the individual's signature and date, the Minnesota Jud... More » Government & Politics Law

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