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The potion flask acts as a jumbo vial that can hold up to six doses of potion rather than the four doses of a traditional vial. It may also be used to hold untradeable potions such as overloads. Upon finishing the potion, the flask is automatically destroyed. Completing As a First Resort is an...


A potion flask is a large flask which can hold up to six doses of most potions, including juju and perfect juju potions but excluding combination potions, rather than the four doses of a vial. The flask is automatically destroyed once emptied, either by finishing the potion or by pouring the potion out. Potion flasks, both empty and filled can be traded on the Grand Exchange.


How to Make Potion Flasks in RuneScape. Unlike vials, flasks are very helpful in fights since they carry a maximum of 6 doses instead of 4. Once a flask is consumed/used and completely emptied, it automatically breaks. Complete the "As a...


A large, robust flask. Potion flask. A large, robust flask. Current Guide Price 7,001. Today's Change 7 + 0% 1 Month Change 80 + 1% 3 Month Change 766 + 12% 6 Month Change 1,408 + 25%


Potion flasks hold 6 sips of potion instead of the normal 4 that a glass vial can hold. Notes: Once the last sip of potion is taken from a flask, the flask will shatter.


The Potion flask is made using a Glassblowing pipe with Robust glass.


3) buy and sell potion flask Record all of these prices then you would calculate how much it would cost to instant buy 2 saradomin brew (3)s and add that amount to the instant buy price of a potion flask if that amount is less than the instant sell of the Saradomin brew flask then you can make profit almost instantly.


He does not charge for his services; players just need to have flasks ready if they wish to decant from flask to flask or potion to flask. He offers the following services: Decanting flasks to flasks, using flasks of less than 6 dose to make flasks of 6 dose. Any flasks freed up by this process will not be returned to the player.


An extreme magic potion is a combat potion which can be made at level 91 Herblore. When a player drinks the potion, they will get an Magic boost of 3 + 15% of their level, rounded down, for a maximum boost of 17 at level 94 Magic. It is made from a 3-dose super magic potion and a ground mud rune. As with all extreme potions, the Assist System cannot be used to create the potion at a lower level.