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General nursing research journals include "Advances in Nursing Science," "Applied Nursing Research," the "International Journal of Nursing," and "Practice Nursing," according to LPNtoBSNonline.org. For specialized fields of practice, Medscape lists several publications, such as "Cancer Nursing," the


The World Journal is a Chinese-language newspaper that is published in North America. It is aimed at the Chinese-speaking populations of the United States and Canada.


A food journal is a good way for individuals interested in losing weight to account for everything eaten on a daily basis. Food journals offer unique insight into how many calories are being consumed during meals and snack time, and awareness can lead to healthier food choices and more weight loss.


Some tips for keeping a journal include setting aside a set, manageable amount of time for writing such as 10 minutes, opting for a paper medium as opposed to a screen and being experimental with content. Entering a jumble of random thoughts and details into a journal can help in overcoming writer


A journal impact factor list is a system for analyzing and ranking academic journals in terms of quality and prestige. Evaluation of the journals takes into account peer review originality, scientific quality, technical editing quality, editorial quality and regularity.


Many people use journaling as a way to detail their innermost thoughts and ideas that they do not feel comfortable sharing with other people. Sometimes people just write down what they are feeling at the moment.


Some tips for journal writing include writing about what's happening in your life at that moment, trying stream of consciousness, making a gratitude list and maintaining a log of successes in daily life. Online resources that provide examples of journal writing include DayOneApp.com and MichaelHyatt


A journalism degree is awarded to students who complete the prescribed course of study at a college or university that offers a journalism program. Journalism is the process of gathering and analyzing information, as well as presenting such information to an audience.


A potato that is sprouting can be planted in order to grow more potatoes, according to GrowVeg.com. Potatoes that haven't started sprouting, however, are dormant and won't grow until dormancy has been broken.


A journalism beat is a continuing assignment a reporter takes on which specializes in one particular classification or entity. A beat journalist may cover government organizations, such as a city hall or a police department, or specialize in a particular topic, such as science or sports. Some beats