's recipe for quick and easy sweet potato pound cake involves baking a batter consisting of store-bought pound cake mix, mashed sweet potatoes, eggs, milk and nutmeg. A make-from-scratch sweet potato cake... More » Food Cooking

Easy potato cake recipes include Food Network's and Taste of Home's versions of the dish. These recipes are easy because they require pre-prepared ingredients, including mashed and shredded potatoes. More » Food Cooking

To make Italian potato croquettes, combine cooked potatoes, eggs, cheese, ham and breadcrumbs. Add seasoning to taste, and mix until the ingredients are all evenly distributed, forming cylindrical croquettes. Fry in hot ... More » Food Cooking Vegetables

An easy sweet potato soup can be made by pureeing cooked sweet potatoes with ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. These ingredients are then mixed with milk, seasoned and simmered in a soup pan. More » Food Cooking

Patrick and Gina Neely's twice baked sweet potatoes is a good sweet potato recipe. Another good recipe is Bobby Flay's grilled sweet potato wedges, which uses a syrup and mustard glaze. More » Food Cooking

Martha Stewart's mashed sweet potato casserole recipe consists of sweet potatoes, whole milk, butter, nutmeg, marshmallows and seasonings. This casserole takes about 55 minutes to prepare and serves about 8 people. More » Food Cooking

Pat and Gina Neely use Calley's sweet potato pie recipe, which combines sweet potatoes with butter, milk, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract and spices in a pastry shell to make the Southern style dessert. This recipe yields e... More »