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Some science projects for kids are making a vinegar volcano, tornado in a bottle, creating an easy lava lamp and making a rainbow. These projects are hands-on, safe and simple.


Examples of great science projects include those that pose questions, such as whether tea stains the teeth or if aspirin helps plants grow. Other examples are those that teach how to do something, such as making a solar oven or a lemon battery.


Some examples of working models for science projects include a pinhole camera, a hovercraft and a baking soda volcano. The hovercraft and volcano projects are simple enough for upper elementary and middle-school students. The camera is best for high-school students.


Sciencebuddies.org provides numerous titles and ideas for science projects of just about any nature. From clever alliteration to titles that mean business, this list is helpful for any science student.


Most successful science projects will use the scientific method. This process includes the following steps: the question or purpose of the experiment, research, a hypothesis, the experiment, analysis, and finally the conclusion.


Some ideas for middle school science projects include finding out what plants grow in which soil pH level and discovering the electrical conductivity of certain soil types, says Live Science. Other science projects include discovering natural water filters and the most effective plastic wrap to prev


A science fair project, which is generally composed of a display unit, exhibit materials and a written report, is the result of a student’s thorough investigation into a scientific area of interest. Students present a collection of items, demonstrate a process, conduct an experiment or present a sci


Easy science fair projects include walking on eggs without breaking them and testing helmet effectiveness by using melons. Other fun and easy projects include using taco sauce as a cleaner and building a rocket with a film canister and Alka-Seltzer.


Some good science fair projects for elementary school students include making three-dimensional models of the sun and do-it-yourself hovercrafts. For middle school students, exploring fluorescence may a good option. For a high school student, more appropriate projects include building a telescope an


Some ideas for a simple science project include an Alka-Seltzer film canister rocket, color-changing milk, a helmet crash test and a Mentos diet soda geyser, according to Parenting. Other ideas for basic science fair projects include a dry ice rocket bubble and a tea bag rocket, as detailed by Schol