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Well, as a matter of fact, sometimes, there would be something wrong with your eyes, if the IOL degree is the in line with what you need. On the other hand, sometimes the headaches may be resulted from the high eye pressure. So, as long as the causes for this are various, so you need to identify what led to your situation and take measures to tackle the problem.


Cataract Surgery Bad Headaches at Temple of eye Follow Posted 2 years ago, 31 users are following. cuz4concern. What Could be the Cause of Bad Headaches After Cataract Surgery? I am a 60 year female and just over two week ago I under went cataract surgery on my right eye. I have developed extremely bad headaches behind my eye and reaching out ...


Headaches after Cataract Surgery Barb0882. I had Cataract Surgery on my right eye about a month ago. For the past 2 weeks I have been having headaches, off and on, over the right eye. The vision is good. I saw my doctor today and he told me there is very little inflammation. He checked my pressure and said it was normal.


I had a massive headache after my first cataract surgery, After the second one I had a bout of vertigo, not sure if that was related and now have headaches at the back of my head and trouble sleeping. My vision is good 20/30 and really good with glasses for driving. So I am really upset.


bad headaches after cataract surgery. Yawnoc. January 25th, 2009. I am a 49 year old white male who had to have cataract lens replacement surgery on Wednesday ,Jan 14th on my left eye. The surgery went well with no complications. I had my patch removed the next day and began taking two eye drops four times per day . Vigamox for 1 week and ...


I ha d cataract surgery on06/21/16 it is now 09/09/20th I am having headaches in my right temple were I had the surgery he said that I must have scratch my eye in my sleep for 20 days I have been putting ointment drops and nothing happenings I think that he needs to remove that lens because it feels like there is trash in the


What Not to Do Following Cataract Surgery. Once the surgeon is finished with your cataract surgery, you will spend time in your hospital room until the doctor has come by to make sure everything is ok. He will then schedule a number of follow up visits to check on the health of your eyes and the success of his work.


The day after cataract surgery, your surgeon will likely perform a post-operative exam to ensure that the eye is healing properly. Additional appointments will also be made for the following week, and the following month. Cataract surgery recovery time is considered to be approximately six weeks.


During the second surgery, a Scleral Buckle was placed in my right eye to help keep the retina in place. Following the second surgery, I had immediate severe pain in my right eye and started experiencing severe headaches (mostly from the area of the right eye and then into the back of my head.


" After cataract surgery on my friend s right eye 5 After cataract surgery on my friend's right eye 5 months later he is experiencing headaches on the right side of his head & behind his right ear. His jaw hurts and ...His right eye aches from time to time. Could this all be related to his recent...