A positive stereotype is a positive assumption made about someone based on their looks, race, social group, economic stability or gender. For example, the common belief that women are more nurturing than men is a positiv... More »

Some negative effects of stereotyping are decreased academic performance among those stereotyped and increased aggression among the stereotyped individuals. In addition, stereotyping leads to a lack of self-control, incr... More »

The prevailing stereotype for Asians is the model-minority stereotype that ascribes positive traits such as smart and hardworking to this group. Despite the seemingly positive nature of the model minority, it also has da... More »

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The past life test works on the assumption that human behaviour at a subconscious level is affected by past lives. Thereby, working backwards and asking questions related to your current behaviour, the past life test tri... More »

There are many ways to deal with selfish people, including understanding the person's position, not taking the selfishness personally, avoiding assumption, and acknowledging that some levels of selfishness are actually b... More »

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Refugees flee their home countries because they fear persecution based on their race, social group, religion, or political views. Additionally, some people leave their countries to escape civil war and natural disasters. More »

Some emotional differences between men and women are that women usually have a greater need for emotionally stability, while men often crave excitement and change. Some common stereotypes about the differences between me... More »

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