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An unlimited data plan is one in which a service provider gives users the ability to browse the Internet and use other data-consuming applications on their phones as much as they wish. Despite unlimited status, providers reduce unlimited data plans in the event of too m...


Home Wi-Fi is a wireless Internet network that operates inside a private residence. It is used to connect computers and devices to the Internet. It also links all devices on the network together, making it easier to print, share files and transmit data between machines.


Wi-Fi is a standard wireless networking technology that allows computers and other electronic devices to communicate with each other remotely. When a product has the Wi-Fi label, it is certified to work with standard wireless networking devices.


An unlimited data plan is one that puts no limit on the amount of data used on a cell phone or tablet. Unlimited does not necessarily mean unlimited at full speed.


While AT&T unlimited data plans are unlimited, data speeds are reduced for heavy users. AT&T recommends that users with unlimited data plans avoid downloading more than 3 gigabytes of data over 3G or 4G connections on the AT&T network in a month to avoid reduced speeds,...


Phone plans with unlimited data offer subscribers the ability to use their smartphones without worrying about data overage charges. Unlike plans that charge by the gigabyte and can result in massive fees, these plans ostensibly offer "all you can eat" pricing for wirele...


Wi-Fi Direct is a technology that allows compatible devices to connect with each other to form an ad-hoc network. This connection allows the devices to share data with each other at higher speeds when compared to a standard Bluetooth connection.