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A portable oxygen concentrator works by compressing air from the environment and then passing it through a sieve bed to remove the nitrogen. The concentrator has two sieve beds containing Zeolite, a cubic crystal that collects the nitrogen when the air is under pressure and releases it with the redu


Oxygen concentrators work by pulling oxygen out of the air and storing it, as the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute explains. Because of this, they do not need refills and are less expensive than other oxygen delivery systems. However, they operate on electricity and need a back-up system to


Buy portable oxygen equipment from direct suppliers, such as Inogen and Oxygen to Go, or use online retailers that distribute brand-name portable oxygen equipment, such as Portable Oxygen Solutions or SpinLife.com. Active Forever is another company whose website provides a comparison of available po


At a rate of 20 breathes per minute and depending on tank size and the oxygen needs of the individual, a full portable oxygen tank lasts between 0.75 hours and 37.5 hours, according to Performance Home Medical. The different portable oxygen tank systems include Invacare, Respironics Ultrafill and mo


Portable oxygen cylinders should be stored in a well-ventilated room away from flammable sources and kept upright so they do not present trip and fall hazards, according to MedlinePlus. Cylinders in healthcare facilities and at home are subject to fire and life safety codes.


Some highly rated oxygen concentrators include AirSep Focus, LifeChoice ActivOx Pro Model and the Invacare XPO2, according to Portable Oxygen Solutions. Other models that receive good reviews include the Inogen One G3 Single Battery and AirSep Freestyle 5.


To repair an oxygen concentrator, ask the store if they provide repair services, or have the unit repaired by a company that specializes in medical equipment, suggests the Oxygen Concentrator Store. Some services require customers to ship equipment to them, while others offer free pickup and deliver


An efficient way to obtain replacement manuals for oxygen concentrators is to download them from the manufacturer’s website, notes Invacare.com. Another option is to download replacement manuals from licensed distributors and retailers, such as OxygenPlus Concentrators Inc.


Low oxygen levels in the brain can affect concentration ability by causing difficulty in paying attention and by causing temporary memory loss. Additionally, low oxygen levels can cause a reduced ability to exercise good judgment, make sound decisions and perform body movements, according to Healthl


Oxygen is required by all living things for respiration. It's also used in industries, water treatment, burning fuels and even protecting humans from harmful UV light thanks to the ozone layer.