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Portable air conditioning comes from freestanding units that move from room to room as needed, providing cool air in homes that do not have standard air conditioning. Some units also act as dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air.


Some of the top portable radios include the Eton Raptor, the Pure Move 2500, Sony's XDR-S56DBP, the Rhino by PowerPlus and Roberts' Olympics Extra Sports DAB, according to Pocket-Lint.com. The best portable radio for any particular person depends on its intended use.


A portable power pack is a device used to power up AC-, DC- and USB-powered electronic devices such as lamps, phones, tablets, computers and laptops. Individuals use them at home during power outages or carry them along for road trips, camp sites or remote work sites.


Portable showers for the home include the Portable Wheelchair Shower, Portable Bariatric Shower, Portable EMS Shower and Portable Recliner Model Shower. The Portable Wheelchair Shower has a length of 36 inches, a width of 36 inches and a height of 48 inches.


Portable fans are widely available from a number of well-known retailers and home improvement stores such as Walmart, the Home Depot and Lowes. Options range from personal fans and desk fans to pedestal fans and blower fans.


Portable printers can connect to computers and smart devices via USB, Bluetooth or WiFi and print using either thermographic or ZINK technology. Most come with their own apps but can also use other mobile printing apps.


A portable AC unit is an air conditioner that can easily be moved from room to room as needed. It typically has wheels and features a lightweight construction.


The Camp Chef 10L portable water heater has received high ratings on Amazon.com as a cost-effective and efficient device, according to the Best Water Heater Reviews website. This portable water heater delivers 2.6 gallons of hot water per minute and has four distinct settings used for the shower hea


An All-Pro portable heater is a relatively small movable heater that typically runs on kerosene or propane. All-Pro portable heaters are available in convection, forced-air kerosene, forced-air propane and infrared tank-top models.


A portable air cooler is an appliance that lowers room temperature by releasing water into hot air; it is also easy to move from room to room. A portable cooler may be easy to carry due to its small size and weight, or it may have wheels for mobility.