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A name checker is a computer program that reveals the availability of usernames for popular online games such as Minecraft. Some also allow users to trace the naming history of a particular player.


While there is no surefire way to win every time at the game of checkers, there are some useful strategies to significantly improve one's chances, such as keeping the back row intact and not charging. As with anything else, the best way to improve one's chances of winning checkers is to practice oft


It is not known who invented checkers. The Encyclopedia Britannica states that checkers is one of the oldest games in the world. The modern form of checkers emerged by the 16th century.


Businesses in the media industry use fact-checkers to verify the truth of reported information prior to the release of a media piece to the public. This is done to avoid errors in reporting and present the appearance of unbiased, factually-based media.


To become a fact checker with a professional organization, a person is usually required to have a bachelor's degree in journalism, communication or a related field. Fact checkers must also have highly developed skills in interviewing and researching. Successful fact checkers must also be skilled com


J Spell, Reverso and Free Spell Checkers are some free online spell checkers. These three websites allow users to paste text or directly type into the provided text box and click a spell check link, providing corrections.


An online symptom checker is a tool that allows a person to input symptoms and research possible medical conditions that are associated with those symptoms, says WebMD. Hosts of online symptom checkers typically caution users that the tool is not a substitute for consultation with a professional hea


Some top-rated power checkering tools are the NSK power tool sold by J&R Engineering, and the Foredom power tool created by the Miniature Machine Company in Texas. The tools from the Miniature Machine Company are more affordable than those sold by J&R Engineering, as of 2016, but they do have a heav


The official rules of checkers state that each player may move a piece diagonally once per turn. A player may only make a single move unless he makes a capturing move, also known as a jump. The game ends when one player can no longer make a move.


A multiple symptom checker is a medical diagnosis tool that can help users identify conditions related to specific symptoms, according to Isabel Healthcare, Healthline and WebMD. The tool is not a substitute for medical advice, but it can help users understand their symptoms better.