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Extremely lightweight and portable, the SecuraSpan™ temporary horizontal lifeline system keeps your crew safe and agile, so they can get the job done with confidence. Each system incorporates a modular, multi-base design that accommodates a wide range of steel and concrete beams. Spans can reach up to 60 ft. (18.3 m) and total system length ...


The easy to install, fully customizable Iron Wing™ Horizontal Lifeline System is ideal for larger beams and multi-span horizontal lifeline length systems. Strong and robust, it is carefully engineered for continuous fall protection while providing freedom of movement.


Types of Horizontal Lifeline Systems Harness Land offers the Sayfline line of Synthetic Horizontal Lifeline Systems and Cable Horizontal Lifeline Systems in a broad range of lifeline lengths for a lightweight and portable fall protection system to accommodate two crew members. The synthetic systems include a tensioner, energy absorber, and two ...


Custom Horizontal Lifeline Systems Custom Rigid Rail Systems Custom Guardrail Systems Custom Netting Systems. Façade Maintenance Systems. S-Series Tie-Back Anchor Points California Tie-Back Anchor Points Rigging Sleeves Davit Systems. HART Training Height & Rescue; Resources Fall Protection.


Horizontal lifelines connect between two anchor points to provide an attachment for a personal fall protection system. Horizontal lifelines can be installed overhead, at foot level, or at any level between. One or more workers attach a lanyard or self-retracting lifeline (SRL) to move freely between anchor points, providing more freedom of ...


Looking for HONEYWELL MILLER Temporary Horizontal Lifeline, 5/16 in Lifeline Diameter, Stainless Steel, Bolt-On (5RRC5)? Grainger's got your back. Price $4760.00. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more.


When the angle of horizontal lifeline sag is less than 30 degrees, the impact force imparted to the lifeline by an attached lanyard is greatly amplified…For these and other reasons, the design of systems using horizontal lifelines must only be done by qualified persons.” (1910.66 App. C Personal Fall Arrest System, Section III(h)6)


Miller SkyGrip™ Systems for Concrete Applications Unique stanchion adjustment that allows the anchorage to be re-positioned, minimizing obstruction and increasing safety Uniquely designed for angled adjustment – swings out of the way when placing deck-pans between beams (common in bridge construction)


6310 : Portable Horizontal Lifeline System w/o anchorages or cable 32 6320-30 : 30’ Temporary Horizontal Lifeline System 33 6320-60 : 60’ Temporary Horizontal Lifeline System 33. Reliance Fall Protection www.relsafe.com 888-362-2826 3 ...


Pro-Bel safety systems are engineered for life! Whether its facade access for window washing or construction; or fall protection when working at heights - our specialized life safety systems exceed applicable OSHA legislation and comply with industry standards.