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Some companies that employ game testers are Epic Games, Nintendo and Gunfire Games. The education and experience required by each company for game testers varies.


Some appropriate degrees for those interested in becoming a video game tester are graphic design, computer science and software development. Programs that typically lead to a bachelor's degree are often preferred by employers, notes Study.com.


A vacuum leak tester is a device that provides evidence of leaks in an automobile engine's vacuum lines. These testers introduce smoke or some other sort of vaporized substance into the vehicle's vacuum system. Automotive technicians detect a leak by looking for any location where smoke or vapor com


Test wires, receptacles and other electrical equipment by pressing the tip of the circuit tester to the item to be tested and noting whether the bulb in the handle lights up. If the bulb does not light up, then that electrical piece is not "hot."


A metal hardness comparison is a method by which the hardness or resistance to malformation of a metal is determined by comparing it to other materials. Since multiple scales are used to determine hardness, comparing metals on the same scale ensures consistency.


Compare the hardness of certain metals using one of several tests, including the Mohs scale, the Brinell scale and the Vickers scale. The Vickers and Brinell methods test metals by seeing how well they resist buckling or deformation when a load is placed on them. The Mohs test evaluates the hardness


Scratch, rebound and indentation hardness testing methods are the three main ways to determine how resistant metals are to outside forces that may permanently alter their shapes. Testing processes such as the Knoop, Vickers or Rockwell Hardness test utilize the same basic physical principles to prod


Portable air conditioning comes from freestanding units that move from room to room as needed, providing cool air in homes that do not have standard air conditioning. Some units also act as dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air.


A portable power pack is a device used to power up AC-, DC- and USB-powered electronic devices such as lamps, phones, tablets, computers and laptops. Individuals use them at home during power outages or carry them along for road trips, camp sites or remote work sites.


The Camp Chef 10L portable water heater has received high ratings on Amazon.com as a cost-effective and efficient device, according to the Best Water Heater Reviews website. This portable water heater delivers 2.6 gallons of hot water per minute and has four distinct settings used for the shower hea