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Portable Hardness Tester Model No. PHT-1900 State of the art, digital portable hardness tester is designed to test the hardness of large hard metal parts. Clean crisp display shows the incredible functions that can only be found on this new portable hardness tester such as auto-probe detection, auto direction detector, single and multi-point ...


The Portable Steel Hardness Tester measures the hardness of metals in the range of 20 to 65 HRC on the equivalent Rockwell C Scale. The instrument is fully portable and easy to use. It can easily be carried anywhere an accurate hardness test is required.


The SonoDur 3 is the latest generation of portable UCI Hardness Tester from NewSonic. Featuring the Android Operating System, the SonoDur 3 has data transfer and export functions via USB, WLAN or Bluetooth with virtually unlimited storage capacity of measurement data. Works with a Full Suite of ProbesThe SonoDur 3 hardness tester works with both manual probes - standard, long, thin and .....


Portable Hardness Tester. Portable Rockwell Hardness Tester Accurate for Metal Materials HARTIP3210. Light Weight LEEB Metal Portable Hardness Tester HARTIP3000, ASTM A956 Standard. Dual Values Portable Hardness Tester , R / F Wireless Probe Digital Durometer. ASTM A956 Portable Hardness Tester , OLED Display Leeb Hardness Measurement with auto ...


Webster Hardness Testers are applied to the quick test for the hardness of aluminum alloy profiles, pipes, plates, aluminum parts and other soft metal ,Copper ,Steel . Pen Leeb Hardness Tester Pen Type Leeb Hardness Tester is integrated the smartest NDT technology and the smallest dimension. which can test most of the metal objects


Portable Hardness Tester ITI 160 These hardness testers have the largest screen, which makes reading and operation easier than ever before. Because of its large screen, you are allowed to check the parameters and functions properly. Portable Digital Hardness Tester ITI 130 / Portable Hardness Tester ITI 130


Rubber Hardness Tester. Offering our clients with a complete choice of high end Rubber Hardness Tester such as Digital Rubber Hardness Tester, Dial Type (Dual Needle) Rubber Hardness Tester Type I and Dial Type (Dual Needle) Rubber Hardness Tester Type II, widely appreciated for high performance and easy operation. Extensively used in varied industries, these are designed to perfection by ...


Fowler Portable Hardness Tester SAE 1949 with Rockwell C Test Block 53-760-002. Qty: Compare. Fowler Portable Hardness Tester, Low Range Non-Ferrous with Vickers Pyramid Test Block 53-760-006. Qty: Compare. Fowler Shore A Digital Portable Durometer 54-762-001. Qty: Compare ...


Hardness Testers (Portable) Portable metal hardness testers provide fast and accurate on site measurements. The DMV UK range of hardness testers includes dynamic rebound (Leeb), Rockwell and UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) type testers and a selection of probes to cover a wide range of applications.


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