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Portable Hardness Testers. Hardness testers are a device used to measure the hardness of a material, including metal and steel. In the tooling industry, these innovative instruments are essential. At Penn Tool Co., we have a wide selection of high-performance hardness testers for sale to meet your needs. As experts in the industry, we work hard ...


Webster Hardness Tester is a portable instrument which can be used for on-site testing of aluminum alloys, aluminum profiles, tubes, sheets and other soft metals like copper and brass.The operating principle is simple. The specimen to be tested is placed between the anvil and the indenter Pressure is applied to the handles until “bottom” is felt and at this time the dial indicator is read.


Determine the relative hardness of resins, film, lacquer, and paint by testing their resistance to scratches by graphite pencils. The pencils are calibrated to specific lead grades for hardness. The lowest hardness value of the pencil that mars the material is the material’s relative hardness. Flatten the tip of the pencil lead with the included 400 grit sandpaper, then insert the pencil ...


The Starrett 3811A is a state of the art, digital portable hardness tester, designed to test the hardness of large, hard metal parts. The 3811A combines fast test speeds with ample memory and output. It performs tests that easily convert to most popular hardness scales such as Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers and Shore. This compact hardness tester is loaded with useful functions usually found only ...


The Portable Steel Hardness Tester measures the hardness of metals in the range of 20 to 65 HRC on the equivalent Rockwell C Scale. The instrument is fully portable and easy to use. It can easily be carried anywhere an accurate hardness test is required.


Webster Hardness Testers are applied to the quick test for the hardness of aluminum alloy profiles, pipes, plates, aluminum parts and other soft metal ,Copper ,Steel . Pen Leeb Hardness Tester Pen Type Leeb Hardness Tester is integrated the smartest NDT technology and the smallest dimension. which can test most of the metal objects


Rockwell Hardness Testers. Ames offers a range of portable metal hardness testers for quick and easy on-site hardness testing in the Rockwell scales. Our testers fit most testing situations and comply with ASTM E-110 standard. Our Rockwell testers are built with the highest quality standards of craftsmanship. – Low Cost, Lightweight, Reliable


Rubber Hardness Tester. Offering our clients with a complete choice of high end Rubber Hardness Tester such as Digital Rubber Hardness Tester, Dial Type (Dual Needle) Rubber Hardness Tester Type I and Dial Type (Dual Needle) Rubber Hardness Tester Type II, widely appreciated for high performance and easy operation. Extensively used in varied industries, these are designed to perfection by ...


Ultrasonic Portable Hardness Tester - UCI - 3000. Advanced Ultrasonic Hardness Tester UCI 3000 applies ultrasonic contact impedance method to do comparative hardness measurement for testing pieces, with the high accuracy, efficiency, portability and easy operation.


One of the most common requests we receive at our office is from confused customers in need of a portable hardness tester for use in the field. In Houston, where we are based, that usually means a chemical plant, refinery or a pipeline related application. Unlike NDT equipment, where a specific method tends to stand out based on the location of suspected anomalies, portable hardness testing ...