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To tile stairs, select a suitable set of traction tiles and place them using cement and making sure they are level. Gather tile-laying material, and employ suitable techniques to ensure all tiles are affixed evenly.


To install porcelain tile, remove the old flooring, apply thin set with a trowel, lay cement boards, apply more thin set on top of the cement boards, and lay out the tiles. Once the tiles are set, mix and apply the grout.


To clean porcelain tile, first sweep the floor to remove any loose dirt. Mop the floor with vinegar and water solution, then rinse with clean water. Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub away any tough stains. Dry the floor with a clean microfiber cloth.


White vinegar is one of the best porcelain tile cleaners, according to SFGate.com, the online news publication of the San Francisco Chronicle. Vinegar is an inexpensive, nontoxic, natural disinfectant that quickly dissolves grease and mineral deposits. It also removes s...


To install ceramic tile on stairs, first ensure that the risers and treads are level and then apply a mortar bed. Next, apply the tiles using the thin-set method and grout to finish the job. Ceramic tile can cover stairs made of wood, concrete or steel.


The benefits of using porcelain shower tiles include water and stain resistance, durability and versatility. Porcelain tile is available in a glazed and through-bodied types. Through-bodied is ideal for hiding scratches and chips, while glazed is available in several de...


The best way to shine porcelain tile depends on whether it is unglazed, glazed or textured. All three types benefit from regular sweeping and cleaning, but cleaning techniques to restore the original luster vary by type.