Two of the best known Minton china patterns are Haddon Hall and Willow. Haddon Hall was designed by John Wadsworth and features a floral pattern on a white background. It was inspired by an English tapestry hanging in a ... More » Home & Garden Kitchen Tableware

The most popular old Aynsley china patterns include Cottage Garden, Pembroke and Wild Tudor. Cottage Garden plates come with or without a swirl, but all pieces have a pattern of flowers and butterflies. More » Home & Garden Antiques

One of the earliest patterns created by Josiah Spode I, the founder of the Spode Company, is a printed "Willow" pattern, which appears on Spode china from in the late 1780s and 1790s. As transfer printing techniques were... More »

As of 2015, some retailers that offer antique Minton china patterns include and Since many of these patterns are discontinued, the stock availability changes constantly. More » Home & Garden Antiques

The Churchill China company offers three different collections with hundreds of patterns. They also partner with wine glass and silver companies, so fine restaurants can obtain everything they need directly from Churchil... More » Home & Garden Kitchen Tableware

Royal Swan is a manufacturer and brand of lead-glazed china dish sets that come in a variety of colored patterns. Royal Swan china, like many brands of fine china, is created in Staffordshire, England. More »

Wawel-brand china includes a number of patterns, according to Replacements, Ltd. Patterns sold by Replacements, Ltd., includes Rose Garden, Savory, Tea Rose, Anastasia, Harvest Dawn, Casa Oro, Goddess, Morning and others... More »