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Page about the animals in Greece, lists the different species grouped by order in Greece. Custom Search Animals in Greece. Greece has 13,678 km of coastline, between 1200 and 6000 islands, and is eighty percent covered is either hills or mountains. As you might expect, this diverse geography is home to quite an assortment of animal life.


Due to its location in the Mediterranean Basin, Greece has a wide variety of fauna and flora, in the sea as well as on land. Here is a small selection of the animals you may encounter in this beautiful country. Also called the Cretan goat, agrimi, or Cretan ibex, the kri-kri is probably the most ...


The horse was the most popular animal in ancient Greece. This is evident in many of the mythological creatures that can be traced back to ancient Greece in Greek mythology.


Domestic animals. However, the most characteristic animals in Greece are the goat, sheep and cows. These domestic animals can be seen very frequently in the Greek countryside, mostly in the mountains. It is a common experience to drive in the mountain roads and see sheep flocks getting on your way.


What Animals Live in Greece? Home Geography Europe Greece Many types of animals call Greece home, including mammals such as lynx, wolves, roe deer, wildcats, jackals and chamois, golden eagles, herons and other birds, and a variety of insects and reptiles.


The horse was the most popular animal in ancient Greece. This isevident in many of the mythological creatures that can be tracedback to ancient Greece in Greek mythology.


Over Greece's glamorous history, many plants have been introduced to Greece and have become a recognized part of Greece's landscape. Many plants are rooted deep in Greek mythology. Greece also hosts some of Europe's largest and scariest animals--both on land and in the sea.


The island of Santorini is a tourist hotspot for people venturing to Greece. However, it is also known for its donkeys and notorious for the cruelty that these animals suffer.We must persuade the Mayor of Santorini to take action and enforce standards for


They killed elephants, and rival the longest-lived animals. They mentioned in the work of Aelian, On The Characteristics Of Animals (Greek: Περί ζώων ιδιότητος) The Indian Dragon was a breed of giant serpent which could fight and strangle the elephants of India. Cetea. Cetea were sea monsters.


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