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Many pool balls are made of phenolic resin, a material that is heated until it becomes hardened, while others are made from polymer or polyester. Phenolic resin pool balls are designed to absorb the impact of a pool cue hitting the ball.


Begin setting up a pool table for a game of eight-ball by placing a corner of the rack, or triangle, on the dot at one end of the table. The other corners should be parallel with the nearest short end of the table. Next, place the solid-colored yellow one-ball in the top corner over the dot.


A player may not take two successive shots at sinking the eight ball. If the first shot does not end the game, play rotates to the other shooter and the player must wait his turn before a second attempt is taken.


For the correct eight-ball rack, arrange all 15 play balls tightly in the triangle with the eight ball in position directly below the ball at the triangle's apex and with one solid and one striped ball at each corner of the triangle's base. Place the other balls randomly.


Green water in a swimming pool or hot tub is caused by green algae, which develops due to poor water circulation, lack of proper cleaning, poor sanitation practices or low pH levels. Such conditions can cause green algae blooms to take over a pool within days or even hours.


Visit MiniClip.com to access 8 Ball Pool, a free multi-player online game. MSN.com offers a free game called Quick Fire Pool 8 Ball that is available to play within the gaming section of the website.


Blood pooling occurs when the walls and valves of veins in human legs do not work effectively, thereby making it difficult for blood to return to the heart, according to Cleveland Clinic. This condition, known as chronic venous insufficiency, causes blood to pool in veins, a condition called stasis.


Miniclip's "8 Ball Pool" is an online game hosted at the Miniclip website. The game is multiplayer-only, requiring the player to be online and play in one-on-one matches or eight-person tournaments against other players.


The game of pool has no official American rules, as multiple organizations such as the Billiard Congress of America and the American Poolplayers Association offer competing rule sets, as of 2015. The game is generally played on a rectangular table with six pockets, four on the corners and two on the


Shocking a pool converts chloramines to free chlorine, the form of chlorine required for proper sanitization of the pool. Chloramines form when chlorine binds to chemicals in suntan lotions, perspiration and cosmetics. They give the pool a strong chlorine odor but do not kill bacteria and algae.