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There are two official pool table sizes: 9-foot and 8-foot. The dimensions of a 9-foot table's playing surface must be 100 by 50 inches, while the dimensions of an 8-foot table's surface must be 92 by 46 inches.


To rent a pool table, as of 2015, go to the website of a company that offers event supplies, such as WOW Entertainment or Amusement Masters, navigate to the rental pool tables and request a quote. WOW Events and Amusement Masters both offer pool table rentals nationwide, but local options that servi


The standard pool-table height is between 29 1/4 inches (74.3 centimeters) and 31 inches (78.74 centimeters). This measurement represents the distance between the floor and the table bed of the pool table.


Eight to 10 people can sit at an 8-foot table, depending on whether seats are placed at the ends of the table. This assumes a table that is 30 inches deep. If the table is only 18 inches deep, it seats only four people.


To rack a game of eight-ball pool, place the 15 colored balls into the triangular rack. Once filled, position the rack over the foot spot.


Customers should look for a mover that can examine the pool table ahead of time to provide an accurate estimate, notes FlatRate.com. These movers should also know how to take the table apart for the move and put it back together properly.


The top five slate pool table brands according to Pool Table Review Guru are Olhausen, Golden West, Timber Creek, Brunswick and Vantage. Models they consider the highest rated, because of their value for the price, are the Huntington by Olhausen, Seville by Timber Creek and Allenton by Brunswick Bil


Good avenues for purchasing inexpensive pool tables include eBay.com, Amazon.com, Craigslist.org, Costco.com and eFamilyFun.com. Amazon, eBay and Craigslist all sell used and refurbished items, making them less expensive. eBay also features auctions, offering another way to buy items at a deep disco


To install felt on a pool table, remove the pool table rails, staple or glue one side of the felt in place, stretch the felt, and attach the other edges. Then, cut out the pocket holes, and affix the felt inside of the pocket holes. If felt is also needed on the cushion rails, then remove the feathe


A 24-foot-round, 52-inch-deep pool holds a rounded 14,715 gallons of water if it is filled to the brim, or about 13,594 gallons if it is filled to an average depth of 48 inches. Most pools are not filled to the brim.