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To calculate the volume of any space, measure the length, width and height of the room. Multiply the length by the width and then by the height. Measuring the volume of non-rectangular rooms is a bit more complicated, requiring the division of the room into measurable sections.


One way to build a pond is to dig a hole, install electrical lines and water pipes, line the hole with rebar and concrete, coat it with pond sealant, and install a water pump. This procedure usually takes about one week and requires gloves, a shovel, electrical wires, pipes, metal mesh, rebar, concr


The volume of a pipe is found by multiplying pi by the height by the radius squared. This is the common equation for a cylinder.


If the round tank is spherical, the radius of the interior space must be measured; the radius is one-half of the diameter. The volume is equal to the radius cubed multiplied by pi multiplied by 4/3.


Scientists have not agreed on the technical, formal differences between a pond and a lake, though in practice, a pond is not as deep or large as a lake. Whether a body of water is called a pond or lake usually depends on local conventions.


Calculate the volume of a cylinder using the formula pi x r^2 x h. You need to know the value of pi, the value of the radius of the circle at the end of the cylinder and the value of the height of the cylinder.


Examples of producers in lakes and ponds include algae, phytoplankton, starwort, spiked water milfoi, great willowherb, water lilies, native grasses and wildflowers. Aquatic plants come in three varieties: those that grow completely underwater, those that float on water and those that root underwate


Ponds are home to a diverse array of animals including water striders. The majority of creatures that live on a pond, however, are insects and amphibians.


Applying algaecide to a pond can clear the water of algae, restoring a sparkling accent to the landscape. Shock the pond by adding algaecide according to the manufacturer's directions after all decaying plant and animal life has been removed.


The pump size for a pond is dependent on several factors and can generally be determined by considering the total cubic feet of water in the pond multiplied by 7.5. A high-quality pond pump will have a performance chart listed in its specifications to help determine the flow rate, or gallons per hou