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Pomeranian puppies can be bought from breeders, from a rescue group or from an animal shelter. It is recommended that the person buying the puppy ensure that the puppy is coming from an ethical place.


Purebred Pomeranian dogs cost an average of $500 to $1,200. The cost depends on where the dog is adopted and whether it is a puppy or adult dog. Pomeranians that are $3,000 or more are typically overpriced, while $100 is likely too low for a healthy purebred.


White Pomeranian puppies are listed on the Dogs Now website for sale in August 2014 at prices that range from $200 to $3000. PetPom.com states that an AKC-registered Pomeranian puppy should cost $500 to $1200, and breeders asking for prices outside this range should be ...


The phrase "Pomeranian puppy uglies" refers to a stage of puppy development that happens in between the shedding of the puppy coat and growing in the full adult coat. During this period, some consider the puppy to look scraggly and unkempt.


Pomeranians on average have two to four puppies per litter. The lifespan of a Pomeranian is between nine years and 15 years. Pomeranians are small dogs and belong to the toy group.


Brown is a normal color variation of the Pomeranian, which also appears in red, white, black and a variety of other colors and patterns. The coat of the Pomeranian is double layered and is more pronounced around the neck and chest.


Find Teacup Pomeranian puppies on sites such as puppyfind.com and petfinder.com. Also known as miniature Pomeranians or toy Pomeranians, they are known for their smaller size. Buyers must use caution when purchasing these puppies, since many breeders have been known to ...