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Systematic polygon names. To construct the name of a polygon with more than 20 and fewer than 100 edges, combine the prefixes as follows. The "kai" connector is not included by some authors. Tens and Ones final suffix -kai- 1 -hena- -gon 20: icosi- (icosa- when alone) 2-di- 30: triaconta-3-tri- 40: tetraconta- 4-tetra- 50:


You can investigate the Regular Polygons that are on the curriculum in more detail in this section. Polygon Names - Venture beyond the Octagon! Typically we all know the polygon names up to Hexagon or perhaps Octagon, but what comes next? Is there actually a name for a 27 sided pentagon? Yes there is.


For polygons with 3 through 20 sides, simply add "gon" to the prefixes at the left (although a trigon is more commonly called a triangle and a tetragon, a quadrilateral!). For more than 20 sides, we "construct" the name by using so-called combining prefixes:

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Names of shapes/How to name Polygons - Moomoomath. An easier and acceptable method of naming many sided polygons is as follows: 13 sided = 13-gon 17 sided =17-gon. Many of the shapes in Geometry are polygons. What is a polygon? A polygon is a two-dimensional shape that has straight lines.


The sum of all interior angles of a regular polygon = 180° × (n − 2), where n is the number of sides. A Polygon in which all sides and all angles are not equal is an irregular polygon. Types of Polygons. Let us discuss the types of polygons on the basis of the number of sides. Triangles. A polygon bounded by three line segments or sides is ...


Polygon Names; Venture beyond the Octagon! Typically we all know the plygon names up to Hexagon or perhaps Octagon, but what comes next? Is there actually a name for a 27 sided pentagon? Yes there is. The simple version (and the one most people use) is 27-gon. But where is the tounge twisting fun in that?


A polygon is a two dimensional (2D) shape that is formed by straight lines. Polygons can be many-sided and students can experiment with making irregular polygons with a variety of sides. 01. of 03. Name the Polygons Worksheet. Deb Russell / ThoughtCo.


We get all shape names (Polygons) from the greek language. ... Applying systematic polygon names to regular polygons between 20 and 99 sides, a 21-sided polygon would be called an icosikaihenagon.


My 2d shapes pictures file contains a total of 13 printable pages and 16 different shapes, polygons included. Your child can advance from simple basic shapes to more complex ones. From circle to a parallelogram, they are all in there. Need more shapes worksheets? Check out these Easter eggs and shapes worksheets too! Included are:


Here’s some unusual shapes with fantastic names you almost definitely didn’t learn in high school geometry. 1. Torus Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Wait, this is just a donut, right? Actually, the shape itself called a torus. Though it would probably still be delicious glazed.