Polygenic traits are those traits that are controlled by more than one gene. Such traits may even be controlled by genes located on entirely different chromosomes. Human height, eye and hair color are examples of polygen... More »

Eye color is a polygenic trait. Height and skin color are also polygenic traits. If there is a vast variation in a trait, it's likely that it is polygenic. More »

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Having a "sickle cell trait" means that a person has inherited the sickle cell gene from one parent. This differs from sickle cell disease, in which a person inherits the gene from both parents, notes WebMD. People with ... More »

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Some examples of physical traits in humans are eye color, hair color, earlobe attachment, dimples and the shape of a person's face. The determination of these traits in an individual is based on the person's genetic make... More »

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In humans, common examples of inherited traits include hair, skin and eye color, hair type, finger and toe length, dimples, freckles, body type, height, hand dominance, ear shape, mathematical aptitude and susceptibility... More »

Examples of human traits that exhibit complete dominance in their genetic inheritance are free versus attached earlobes, straight versus curved thumbs and second toe length, explains University of Northern Iowa. Free ear... More »

Assuming each gene has two alleles, or alternate genes, there are 64 squares in a trihybrid cross Punnett square. When there is an independent assortment of genes, the number of combinations is two raised to the power of... More »

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