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Examples of polygenic inheritance in humans include height, eye color and skin color. Physical traits that have polygenic inheritance are influenced by more than one gene and typically display a continuous distribution, such as a range of heights. Polygenic traits do not have the classic phenotypic ratios of Mendalian inheritance.


Using a simplified example of a polygenetic trait controlled by only three genes, this becomes easier to visualize. Examples of Polygenic Inheritance Skin Color. The pigment melanin is responsible for dark coloration in the skin and there are at least three genes, which control for human skin color.


Because multiple genes are involved, polygenic traits do not follow Mendel’s pattern of inheritance. Instead of being measured discretely, they are often represented as a range of continuous variation. Some examples of polygenic traits are height, skin color, eye color, and hair color.


A quantitative trait locus (QTL) is a region of DNA which is associated with a particular phenotypic trait, which varies in degree and which can be attributed to polygenic effects, i.e., the product of two or more genes, and their environment. These QTLs are often found on different chromosomes.The number of QTLs which explain variation in the phenotypic trait indicates the genetic ...


Basic genetics obviously wouldn't be enough to explain the wide diversity of human heights, but polygenic inheritance shows how multiple genes in combination with a person's environment can influence someone's phenotype, or physical appearance. Skin color is another example of polygenic inheritance, as are many congenital diseases.


Polygenic Inheritance in Humans So, let's get back to why this matters for height in humans. Height is an example of a human trait that is affected by multiple genes.


Polygenic traits have many possible phenotypes (physical characteristics) that are determined by interactions among several alleles. Examples of polygenic inheritance in humans include traits such as skin color, eye color, hair color, body shape, height, and weight.


Polygenic Inheritance: Human skin color is a good example of polygenic (multiple gene) inheritance. Assume that three "dominant" capital letter genes (A, B and C) control dark pigmentation because more melanin is produced. The "recessive"alleles of these three genes (a, b & c) control light pigmentation because lower amounts of melanin are ...


Polygenic traits are those traits that are controlled by more than one gene. Such traits may even be controlled by genes located on entirely different chromosomes. Human height, eye and hair color are examples of polygenic traits. Skin color is another polygenic trait for humans and a variety of other animals.


Many of the traits displayed in nature are polygenic. In humans, traits such as height, weight, skin pigmentation, and hair color are polygenic. ... Examples of polygenic inheritance in nature can ...