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Eye color is a polygenic trait. Height and skin color are also polygenic traits. If there is a vast variation in a trait, it's likely that it is polygenic.


Polygenic traits are those traits that are controlled by more than one gene. Such traits may even be controlled by genes located on entirely different chromosomes. Human height, eye and hair color are examples of polygenic traits. Skin color is another polygenic trait f...


Examples of polygenic inheritance in humans include height, eye color and skin color. Physical traits that have polygenic inheritance are influenced by more than one gene and typically display a continuous distribution, such as a range of heights. Polygenic traits do no...


A quadratic function is a function of the form f(x) = ax^2 + bx + c where a, b and c are constants. Part of the definition of a quadratic function is that a is not equal to zero, although b and c can equal zero.


According to About.com, organisms are classified into kingdom Protista by exclusion, when they are eukaryotic, meaning they are made up of cells where the nucleus is surrounded by a membrane, but cannot be otherwise classified as animals, plants or fungi.


A natural number is the sort of number that is commonly used for counting or basic arithmetic. They are positive whole numbers, such as one, two or three, and are used to denote quantities in everyday life.


Social development is the prioritization of human needs in a society. Social development takes place on individual levels as well as broader societal levels. The intent of social development is to improve life for all.