Nylon and polyester both have qualities that are desirable for various uses. To determine which fabric is best used for what, one needs to know what the qualities of each fabric are. More »

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Nylon and polyester carpets are two types of fibers used on floors. They differ in terms of costs and additional treatment needed for stain resistance. Nylon is the more expensive fiber and offers no natural stain resist... More »

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According to Shaw Floors, nylon carpets are the most versatile of the different types of carpet fibers, and polyester carpets are typically stain-resistant. They are both excellent choices for carpets but have unique cha... More »

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Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, rayon, spandex, nylon and acrylic, are composed of man-made fibers. Conversely, natural fabrics are made of natural fibers from plants, animal coats and seeds, and these include cott... More »

Microfiber is often nylon or polyester and consists of extremely small threads or fibers. Just like traditional fibers, microfiber is measured in denier. More »

Nylon is a synthetic, fibrous material that is known for its high tensile strength, abrasion resistance and chemical stability. It is a very resilient fiber that is often used to make cords and ropes that need to support... More »

Manufacturers prefer nylon as it has proven to be a strong, springy material that makes parachutes that are lightweight, easy to pack, resistant to mildew and less expensive. Although many different materials have been u... More »